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AmeraDeck Decking

AmeraDeck Decking - Fire Rated Composite

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Ameradeck decking?
Ameradeck is a decking and railing system which is based on vinyl-polymer. It is excellent exterior plastic which is blended with wood, colorants and mineral fillers, being strengthened at times with nylon, fiberglass and polyester. Products from Ameradeck are among the strongest and most color fast within the composite decking industry.

What size does Ameradeck come in?
Ameradeck is available in different sizes of decking and possesses excellent strength characteristics. This ranks it among the best products present in the market today. Apart from being equal in every category, it installs in the same manner.  

Does Ameradeck fade?
Ameradeck is manufactured with UV inhibitors and colorants that keep fading to a minimum. It fades much less than other boards available on the market at present and is embossed to provide a great wood grain effect. Ameradeck decking wood is as well manufactured with slight variations in color thus representing real wood for and not plastic.

Does Ameradeck decking wood come with a warranty?
Ameradeck has a limited warranty of 10 years that covers splitting, rotting, splintering as well as damage through decay and termites. Debris coming from products made by this manufacturer may be discarded safely in a landfill. Such waste material however, is composed of vinyl-based mineral and plastic content which does not readily undergo combustion. 

Vinyl-polymer base is the best kind of exterior plastic produced for composite railing and decking systems. The combination of mineral and wood fillers offers Ameradeck improved dimensional strength plus stability. Embossing done by this decking producer gives simulated wood a finish that encapsulates the board with solid skin.

How do I install AmeraDeck decking wood?
Deeper shades and colorant enable more protection from harmful UV rays. Decking of 5/4 inches spans through 24" center on 90° installation in most cases and is considered the most appropriate in the industry. In areas going beyond 120°F, a span of 23" is usually taken as maximum.

Installation instructions come along with a span table. Consult local building codes prior to installation. Ameradeck railing and decking systems may be stained or painted, even though this is not necessary.

What is the best paint to use?
Latex deck paints for acrylic exterior are the most commendable to use for the best results. It is vital to prime the decking prior to application of paint. Ameradeck cleans easier than multiple other composite decking products of its kind owing to its sturdier surface.

Conventional soap, water, power washing and desk cleaning products work best with this decking kind. It is among an exclusive brand of composite boards which meet requirements of American Disabilities Act (ADA). Ameradeck decking works quite well in various climatic conditions. 

How durable is AmeraDeck decking?
Solid decking made by Ameradeck weighs about 2.6 lbs for every lineal foot and AmeraDeck Lite roughly 2lbs for each lineal foot. Items from Ameradeck are "A" and Class "1" fire rated, which is highest in the industry. Having been tested, these products have proven highly resistant to attack by carpenter ants, marine borers and termites. They are suitable to be utilized in direct contact with the ground. All forms of fasteners may be used with Ameradeck as well.

What are the best tools to use with AmeraDeck decking?
Pneumatic finish screws or nails are preferred owing to their easy installation. Composite deck screws which require no pre-drilling are as well available. For best outcome, onsider using stainless steel or galvanized products. Do undertake pre-drilling when installing railing systems with your decking wood.

If you have more questions about Ameradeck, call one of our decking specialists at Austin Wholesale Decking Supply.   We have a wide selection of Ameradeck and other composite decking materials for you to choose from. 

Our decking specialists are standing by waiting to address any questions or concerns you may have about Ameradeck or our other decking materials.


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