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( Thuja plicata )

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Given the aromatic spicy scent of Western Red Cedar, the beauty of its form and the many uses of its wood, this is the one species most everyone is familiar with. The Cedar tree can grow to be a massive tree, sometimes in diameters of over 8 ft. and with tops over 200 ft. high. The largest Western Red Cedar was found on Vancouver Island and was measured with a 13 ft. 6" diameter trunk. The form of the mature tree is narrowly conical with spreading and drooping branches that turn upwards at the ends. The fibrous bark is very stringy and the trunk tapers rapidly and flares at the base.

tree pix
tree pix
tree pix

The Western Red Cedar has a shallow root system though given its wide spreading properties is fairly root strong. These trees grow in many different mixed forests and are found with most all of the commercial species in British Columbia. The leaves of the Cedar tree are distinctively flat, scaly and green-colored

The wood is also characteristic with the sapwood being creamy white and the heartwood either a light reddish brown or a deeper chocolate brown. There is a marked transition between the heartwood and sapwood and between the springwood and summerwood. The wood is very fragrant and splits easily with the grain. It is a very light wood and is free of pitch or resin.

This species was instrumental to First Nations People as they used the wood for everything from weapons to cooking. There are records of 60 foot long Cedar canoes being over 8 ft. wide. We find many uses for Cedar including Shakes and Shingles, Poles, Posts, Sashes, Window and Door Frames, Interior Finishing and Paneling. The most sought after property of Western Red Cedar is its resistance to decay and insect damage, lasting in most any environment well over 100 years.

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