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FAQs on Guardeck Elite Decking

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Guardeck Decking - Composite Decking

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All about Guardian decking and composite decking

Q: What materials are utilized when making Guardeck Elite?
A: Guardeck Elite is a superior decking wood that consists of a blend of virgin materials of polyvinylchloride (PVC). The elite surface technology of this composite decking consists of a proprietary mixture of PVC plus other additives which are designed to impart the best probable kind of resistance to fading staining and scratching incidents.

Q: Why would one need to purchase Guardeck Elite instead of other products of PVC decking?
A: Guardeck Elite proves to be the desired choice of decking wood when compared to other decking wood brands. It may because of its stain and fade resistance or possibly from it being slip resistant. Whatever the reason, many people favor this type of decking wood over any other.

Q: How many years am I protected with Guardeck decking wood?
A: Once you have installed this form of composite decking, it is fair to expect at least 25 years of residential usage together with 15 years while applying it for commercial purposes. You may also take a look at the warranty in greater detail.

Q: Do I have to worry about mold? If so, how would I go about cleaning Guardeck Elite?
A: Mold has the ability to grow on virtually any surface. Nevertheless, this composite form of decking is created in such a way that it actually keeps the mold from growth in the pores of materials. Therefore it makes it much easier to eradicate this form of unwanted growth plus stains from surface of decking. Utilize mild soap, water and a nylon brush with stiff bristles to remove debris. Guardeck Elite is easily cleaned. The superb decking wood possesses a special design that does not require being power washed. It also is necessary to avoid use of extremely high pressures during cleaning.

Q: Is it really easy for one to install Guardeck Elite?
A: Anyone who has the common skills applicable in carpentry can install this composite decking. You do, however, need to follow basic instructions to the letter before carrying out the installation process.

Q: How is Guardeck Elite fastened?
A: Guardeck is keen to recommend the use of Tiger Claw™ fastener which is crafted specially to go with Guardeck Elite. There also are face screws available.

Many individuals are opting to use composite decking supplies when installing decking wood into various spaces within their homes. Some great products are available which are able to transform the feel plus look of any area in your home. The most crucial decision which all persons have to make regards the choice of what suits them best.
You need to keep in mind factors like specific budget, your desired look and long-term limitations when considering maintenance. A wide variety of individuals have chosen composite decking wood for multiple reasons. Guardeck Elite provide several key benefits that you most likely won't obtain from traditional decking wood.

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When it comes to choosing decking wood, you want to make sure you are choosing the right type of wood that fits your lifestyle and your budget. Give one of our decking experts a call and discover if Guardeck or another type of decking wood is the right type of wood for your next wood working project.


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FAQs on Guardeck Prestige Decking

FAQs on Guardeck Elite Decking

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