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Guardeck Decking Features & Benefits

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Discover the many features and benefits of Guardeck Prestige

When you are selecting decking wood for your next project, you want to make sure your decking wood is durable, versatile, and long-lasting and virtually maintenance free. When you select Guardeck Prestige or Elite, you can feel at ease knowing that you are choosing a decking material that is built to last and a decking wood that outperforms a wide variety of other composite decking woods on the market.

The use of Guardeck prestige provides many benefits which include:

  • Advanced stain, scratch, and fade resistance surface technology

  • Resistance to fungus, mold, mildew moss and insects

  • No painting, sealing or staining required

  • Deeply embossed wood grain of realistic form

  • Absence of cracking, warping or splitting

  • Easy maintenance

  • Two piece architectural decorative fascia kit

  • Splinter-fee ability

  • USA production

Decking wood manufactured by Guardeck appear and feel premium grade. The options of color span very much beyond traditional decking, possessing color retention properties that are greatly advanced.

Reinvented Guardeck decking with dependable performance

The Guardian building decking manufactures never stop inventing. This is the reason why they gave their engineers the challenge of creating decking wood that show superior attributes of strength, durability and style. That's why most of the guardeck decking materials outperform a plethora of other decking woods on the market.

The Prestige decking wood is composed of recycled polyethylene and wood fiber core which relays great stability and style. The brilliantly- engineered Guardeck decking wood provides style, beauty and convenience to any deck you have with subtle earth tone colors and hues.

Guardeck Prestige boasts resistance to staining has superior color retention and does not require much maintenance. Even the most discriminating individuals would find Guardeck Prestige ideal for installation in their homes.

Guardeck decking brings along sound technology, which has exceptional stain resistance and is easy to clean as well. No staining, painting/repainting or scraping is necessary. The engineers of Guardeck wood understood the importance of durability. That's why they created decking wood that is highly resistant to composite deck rotting effects.

The technical team that creates durable Guardeck decking wood knew that the decks are meant for leisure. That's why they have designed an innovative decking technology that minimizes maintenance and maximizes pleasure.

Here are some features and benefits of Guardeck Elite decking wood:

  • Superior resistance to staining

  • Great resistance to fading

  • High resistance to fungus, mildew, mold, moss and insects

  • Lightness of weight allows ease of cutting

  • Sealing, painting or staining action is not required

  • Surface free from splinters

Outstanding weather resistance of cellular PVC decking

When it comes to Guardian decking wood, they are created different than other decking materials. Guardeck Elite PVC decking which they supply is crafted to provide the best experience of both worlds; overall structural ability and superior resistance to weather. Its PVC construction renders it a product with low maintenance requirements, which hardly promotes growth of mildew. Guardeck Elite works extra well in areas with high traffic and where wood grain of rugged high traction would be desirable.

Discover the benefits of using Guardeck Elite:

  • Water resistant, which makes it ideal for use in marine and high moisture applications

  • Color retention properties akin to vinyl siding

  • Stain resistant formulation

  • Low maintenance requirements

  • Dimensional stability due to low rates of contraction and expansion

  • Convenient handling

  • No need to pre-drill

  • PVC attained through co-extrusion

  • Weather resistant

  • Optimal performance due to absence of organic fiber

  • Wood like structure of component cells which accentuates the workability of the wood

It doesn't matter if you are choosing Guardeck composite wood or some other type of composite wood. At Austin Wholesale Decking Supply, we have a wide variety of decking materials and other composite decking wood you can choose from. 

Call one of our decking experts to discover if Guardeck is the right type of wood for your next project.

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Guardeck Features & Benefits

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Click here to request a quote - we offer VERY competitive pricing!

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