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FAQs on Guardeck Prestige Decking

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Guardeck Decking - Composite Decking

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Q.  What materials compose Guardeck Prestige together with its surface?
A.  Guardeck prestige refers to a premium product used for decking purposes. It is composed of blended recycled plastics from consumers, recycled wood fibers and raw materials which have not been utilized before. The surface technology employed by Guardeck prestige is composed of a proprietary blend of virgin polyethylene plus other additives which are designed to impart scratch fade and stain resistance of a high degree

Q.  Why is it vital to purchase Guardeck Prestige and no other decking composites?
A.  The kind of surface technology that is applied by Guardeck Prestige renders it a more competitive selection over any other composite owing to its ability of resisting fading as well as staining.

Q.  What type of warranty comes along with obtaining Guardeck Prestige?
A.  The warranty is known as lifetime residential limited.

Q.  Do differences exist in color lots and does one need to be concerned about 12" boards having a shade that is different from those which are 20"?
A.  Again, the surface technology utilized by Guardeck Prestige facilitates it to gain control over color dye lots. These have far much greater accuracy than was before, because the surface material is produced in large volumes. In addition to this, quality control guidelines which Guardian, they also prevent variation of color lots.

Q.  What is the best method to use when cleaning Guardeck Prestige and is it proper to power wash it?
A.  Mold is known very well to grow in indiscriminate way. Nevertheless, Guardeck Prestige possesses some advantage on its surface. It is crafted in such a way to prevent mold from growing with pores of materials. This action renders it easier to eliminate stains and mold from the surface. Utilize a stiff bristled brush of nylon, mild soap plus water to achieve removal of dirt. Also make sure your surface is cleaned every six months. Guardian prestige carries a user-friendly design which makes for great convenience when undertaking the exercise.¬†This type of decking wood does not require any power washing activity; however, do your best to avoid using high pressure during the entire process.

Q.  Is it easy to install Guardeck Prestige decking?
A.  The process of installing Guardeck Prestige is rather simple, making use of elementary skills of carpentry. There are however certain basic instructions which one would need to first read and comprehend prior to fitting this form of decking.

Q.  How does the surface of Guardeck get bonded to substrate?
A.  Guardian utilizes a process which is waiting for grant of patent in bonding surface to substrate. These two materials are of polyethylene variety and they therefore become homogenous once bonded.

Q.  What tools need to be used in order to fasten Guardeck decking?
A.  Guardian makes recommendations for a person to use Ghost Grip hidden fastener. This piece of equipment is made uniquely to work with Guardian prestige groove - edge version. Face screws may also be provided when required.

Whether you have more questions about Guardeck prestige decking wood or you have questions about traditional, plastic and composite decking wood, we can help. At Austin Wholesale Decking Supply, we have specially trained decking experts who can answer all of your questions and address all of your concerns.

Give us a call today to discover how we can make your next decking project an effortless process.

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FAQs on Guardeck Prestige Decking

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Click here to request a quote - we offer VERY competitive pricing!

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