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Ipanema Decking Grading Specifications

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Ipanema decking is arguably one of the best decking woods available on the market. It's easy to install, eco-friendly, naturally beautiful and affordable. Whether you are a homeowner, architect, designer or a builder, you will enjoy the durability, beauty and overall look and feel of Ipanema wood.

Ipanema decking gives you the ability to create beautiful decks, furniture, and other unique wood working projects.  However, there are some simple grading tips that you must follow to ensure your   Ipanema wood is performing at its absolute best.  As you know, if you don't take care of your decking wood, it can cause warping, checking, rotting, and a lot of other disappointing factors that can shorten its lifespan.  That's why it's important to understand how to care for your Ipanema wood. Here are a few grading specifications that you must know when installing and taking care of our decking wood:

  • The deck wood must not have any rotting or decay.
  • Decking and railing materials must be kiln-dried to an average of 15% moisture before milling.
  • When you mill the wood, no manufacturing defects should be present.
  • No excessive checking, warping or twisting is allowed on the decking wood.
  • Slight discoloration caused by chemicals or the weather is acceptable on the decking wood.
  • Slight checking is allowed as long as it's not excessive on the decking wood
  • Factory applied coating has to be uniform and even, ensuring protecting all sides of the decking wood.
  • Sealant must be applied on both ends of the decking wood upon installation.
  • Regularly maintain Ipanema decking with a reliable coating product to preserve natural color of the  decking wood.
  • Never apply wood damaging chemicals like creosote, pentachlorophenol, preserving salts or chlorides on the decking wood.
  • Drying stains due to ventilations are not considered defective on Ipanema; however, an excessive amount should not show on the decking boards.

Whether you are choosing Walnut, Natural, Gold or Mahogany, decking wood, it's important that you follow this grading instruction to ensure your decking wood will last for a lifetime. At Austin Wholesale Decking Supply, we have a wide selection of Ipanema decking wood and other exotic hardwoods for you to choose from. To learn more about how you can make Ipanema last for you, give us a call and see how we can suit your decking needs.

Our wood experts are available to help you with Ipanema and other decking woods!

In addition to Ipanema, we carry a wide selection of composite, plastic decking and natural decking woods. Whether you are a homeowner building an outdoor deck for your home, or you are a contractor working on a big construction project that requires a substantial amount of decking wood, we have a wide selection of natural, plastic, and composite decking wood that will meet your needs. 

Call one of our decking specialists today to see what type of wood is perfect for your next project.

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Click here to request a quote - we offer VERY competitive pricing!

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