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Ipanema Decking

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Ipanema Decking Installation Instructions

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Ipanema decking wood is arguably one of the best decking materials that hit the market. Ipanema is praised for being a unique and innovative type of exotic wood that is formulated with a blend of 30 lesser known exotic decking woods.  Ipanema decking comes in four colors: Walnut, Mahogany, Golden and Natural. This type of decking wood is perfect for outdoor projects.

Decking wood that offers more than just beauty

When it comes to choosing a decking wood, you want something that is versatile, easy to install and built to last. Ipanema offers versatility, durability, and longevity. The award-winning company Elof Hansson  knew that homeowners and builders wanted a type of decking wood that was aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to work with.   
Ipanema exotic wood is the preferred decking wood of choice because of its easy installation process. In fact, it comes with two unique profiles and it already comes factory finished on all four sides to ensure extra protection.

Decking wood installation tips

When you purchase Ipanema wood, you must know and understand simple installation techniques of this particular type of decking that will make the application process go smoothly. Proper installation of Ipanema also ensures that your decking wood will last a long time. Here are a few tips that you need to know to get the most out of your Ipanema decking wood.

How to install this type of decking wood

Handling Ipanema - The decking wood is already kiln-dried to an average of 15% MC. This wood is specifically designed for outdoor use only. Make sure you keep the decking wood away from the direct sun to avoid any damage.

Decking wood tools- When you work with Ipanema hardwood, make sure you use carbide tipped saw blades and/or  power tool bits. Pre-drilling of the boards work best to ensure extra strength.

End Sealing- To reduce end checking of your decking wood, make sure you  seal the ends of the decking wood immediately after cross cutting. A wax end sealer works best after cross cutting your decking wood.

Installation- Ipanema comes in a wide variety of sizes, and all the decking wood sizes can be installed on 16" on center joists. However, make sure you check rules and regulations of your local building codes. To promote air circulation of the boards, you can use a diagonal pattern that usually requires a shorter joist.

Fastening- When it comes to fastening, there are a variety of different methods you can choose from. However, many installation experts suggest you use coated metal fasteners that are either, high density plastic, stainless steel along with stainless steel screws. This method is less resistant to corrosion and has strong holding power.

Finishing- When it comes to finishing your wood, a fine finish can make all the difference. Ipanema decking takes all the guess work out of finishing by already coming factory finished on all four sides.  This ensures extra protection and durability of your Ipanema. Even though the  decking  boards come factory finished on all four sides for extra protection and durability, you can still refinish the decking wood. However, it's important that you refinish the decking wood with a high quality product  when the decking wood starts to fade. If the decking wood starts to turn gray, it is a sign of decay. So, it's very important to perform routine maintenance checks on your decking wood to ensure quality.

Contact Austin Wholesale Decking Supply to purchase your decking wood today!

When it comes to installing Ipanema hardwood decking, you want to make sure you are doing the job right. That's why we have decking specialists at Austin Wholesale Decking Supply. Our decking specialists can help you choose the perfect color for your Ipanema deck as well as help you learn proper installation techniques. Whether you want Ipanema decking wood or another type of decking wood, we will be able to point you in the right direction.

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