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Latitudes Decking

Latitudes Decking

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Intrepid Composite Decking by Latitudes

latitudes decking

Latitudes Decking

When it comes to choosing a decking wood, you want wood that's durable, easy to work with, beautiful and built to last. Latitudes decking makes it possible for you to have all the qualities and benefits of natural looking wood.  The innovative decking brand offers a wide array of different composite decking materials that will make you're next decking project a breeze.  One of the most popular brands in the Latitudes decking family is the Intrepid design.

Whether you're building a deck, a sauna, or a custom piece of furniture, the Latitudes Intrepid decking wood offers the same, look, feel and reliability of natural wood. Many individuals prefer the Latitudes brand because it's one of the most robust decking and railing products available on the market.  The hidden faster and custom railing design makes Latitudes Intrepid decking wood an easy to install solution for many.  

Innovative technology makes decking wood built to last

One of the unique selling points of the Latitudes brand is its innovative Strandex technology.  Strandex technology consists of wood fibers that are ground to completely consistency. This process allows the Latitudes intrepid decking boards to have a more uniform look. But, the major benefit of this unique technology is that doesn't use scraps or by products of wood. So, what does this mean?  Simply put, it means you have a strong and durable Latitudes decking board that can withstand harsh weather conditions and is built to last.  It's no secret that this Strandex technology allows your wood to stay strong and enables it to last a lifetime. The Intrepid design by Latitudes is also favored by many because it has the ability to resist:

  • Termites
  • Rotting
  • Warping
  • Cracking

When you choose the Intrepid brand by Latitudes, you have the option of choosing solid or slotted bars. Whether you want 12", 16"or 20"inch boards, you can use conventional deck screws or their unique Equator hidden fastener system. No matter what type of decking board you use, installation with Intrepid decking is simple. 

intrepid decking colors

Latitudes decking comes in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from!

Once you realize how strong, durable and reliable Intrepid decking wood by Latitudes is, you are going to want to choose the perfect color to make your project really shine. The Intrepid design offers natural looking colors that include:

  • Intrepid Gray
  • Intrepid Cedar
  • Intrepid Redwood
  • Intrepid Walnut

Reversible boards give you options

Another unique feature of this Latitudes wood is that it has reversible boards, meaning you can be versatile.  One side offers a wood-grained pattern while the other side of the Latitudes board offers a brushed finish.   This way you can design your wood the way you like it.  With a wide variety of colors to choose from and reversible boards, you can have natural looking decking wood every time. Whether you are building a custom deck, a patio, or even a gazebo, you can create natural looking wood with the variety of beautiful colors that the Latitudes intrepid brand offers.

At Austin Wholesale Decking Supply, we understand how important your decking projects are to you.  That's why we carry a wide selection of Latitudes decking materials as well as other composite decking wood and natural decking wood.  Whether you are building a deck for a home or you are building an oversized construction project, you can feel at ease knowing that we are able to handle all of your Latitudes composite decking needs. 

Call us now to learn more about Latitudes or discuss your next decking project with one of our decking experts.

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