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Arsenic-Free ACQ Treated Pine

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Frequently Asked Questions About Arsenic-Free ACQ Treated Pine Warranty and Preserve Plus 

What is the warranty for ACQ treated pine?

ACQ treated pineThe warranty for ACQ covers problems with fungal decay and infestation of termites. Problems due to other insects that may hurt wood, but don’t ingest it, like carpenter bees or borer beetles are not covered with the warranty. The reason why the ACQ works for termites is that the bugs know the wood is not edible and they leave it alone. Also, warping, splitting, and twisting of ACQ is not covered under the warranty.

How long does pine treated with ACQ last?

Similar to other treated wood, our treated pine has lasting protection from decay and termite attacks.

What product do you use to protect treated pine with ACQ?

We use a product called Preserve Plus, which is a chromium and arsenic free product used on pressure treated wood. The product has water repellant that helps in protecting the treated pine from weathering, decay and termites. This environmentally advanced preservative treatment maintains the integrity of the look and feel of your outdoor project.

Does your preservation system absorb water?

The Preserve Plus treated pine product does allow the treated pine to absorb water, but the rate of absorption occurs more slowly than other pressure treated wood. Also, the absorption is more uniform, which helps minimize the woods ability to shrink or swell due to the weather.

Is treated pine affected from sunlight?

acq treated  pineShortly after installing your pine, the UV rays from the sun will change the color to a brown tone. Eventually, after long exposure, the wood will appear more gray on the surface. However, Preserve Plus is designed to protect the overall integrity of the treated pine, and under the surface it will still repel water. To maintain and enhance the overall surface appearance of the wood, you may want to consider applying a sealer or stain.

Is Preserve Plus considered a hazardous chemical?

Lucky for you the answer is no! The water repellant that is used in Preserve Plus has no labels of hazardous by the EPA. It can safely be used on all outdoor areas, including playgrounds, benches, decks, chairs, walkways, gazebos, tables and any other project you design.

Will staining or painting the ACQ treated pine hurt the wood?

Wood treated with Preserve Plus can be stained or painted any color. You can match your outdoor wood to anything you desire. It is recommended that you use an oil based paint that is high in quality. Also, you will want to be sure that before you begin painting, that the wood is dry and clean.

Do I need special nails or fasteners for my treated pine project?

There is a list of approved fastener systems that you can request from your supplier. Basically, you want your fasteners to last as long as your wood product. To experience the best results, you will want to be sure you are using stainless steel or hot dipped galvanized fasteners. Whatever you do, don’t use aluminum fittings for your project. These types of fasteners are not recommended.

Are you able to saw treated pine?

Using a saw or machine on Preserve Plus does not harm the integrity of the product. Because Preserve Plus is not a surface coating, but instead built into the product, exposing the inside of the treated pine does not harm the product.

What type of guarantee comes with Preserve Plus?

Our product comes with a lifetime limited warranty. This is the only product of its kind that comes with this warranty. Ask your supplier for all the details regarding your product’s exact warranty information.

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Click here to request a quote - we offer VERY competitive pricing!

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